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Analysis of the economic benefit

The repair expense of the special type repair technology is not confirmed according to the consumable material amount, but confirmed by a great dear of factors, such as the complexity of helping users to solve the problem and original value of the parts. In the charging standard, the proportion of the invisible technology is far higher than the tangible material consuming. Most of the repair profits come from the technology application, the relationship between its cost and profit cannot be easily calculated just by the simple percentage. It will be proven only with several instances:

•  Some Shanghai company is the joint venture of Germany Volkswagen, most of this company's moulds are imported form Germany and one set of this kind of mould is worth a million Yuan. The repair fee is 65,000 Yuan, there are four constructers in the job site and the actual construction time limit is seven days, and the travel charge is 1,200 Yuan.

•  Some Beijing plastic company has claimed to use the value of one ton gold to buy the Germany made PVC plate negative production line, there are two places of pressing wound which suddenly happen in a calendering roll which is worth more than 700,000 Yuan, the compound craft was used to repair it whose repair fee is 60,000 Yuan valuated according to the quoted price of that time.

•  The 32 meter í░Benzí▒ pump car power take off of some cement mill has been damaged, it will cost 160,000 Yuan to buy this pump car power take off, and the repair expense of using the special type craft to repair is 19,000 Yuan.

•  The American made Gauss cycle SSC Model printer roller, which is the capital equipment of some printing factory of newspaper office, has been damaged to the degree of being able to influence the production efficiency, it will cost 300,000 Yuan to buy a new one and cost a half month to install it. It only needs 30,000 Yuan to use the special type repair technology to repair it locally without disassembly úČ and three constructors will finish this work in three days on the premise of not influencing the production.

•  One factory of Chinese weapon department has invested 180 million Yuan to introduce into a broad breadth anti-counterfeit icon production line which is the biggest one in Asia, but the die stamping roller of the key position has rubbed against wound, and the manufactures has requested quality and speed and that this work ought to be done in 24 hours with the price of repair fee is 20,000 Yuan.

The above-mentioned instances have proved that our project is a win-win project, our great amount of profit reciprocation is the í░green resourcesí▒ which bases on the contribution to the users, country and society, the special type repair technology has repaired many parts which haven't been able to be repaired in the whole country and even the world, some of the damaged parts have been already scrapped in the helplessness conditions, and some of the damaged parts are restricting the production of enterprises. Our service earns time, increases benefit and economizes fund for enterprises, and our repayment is only a small part among them. It is unable to calculate the profit rate of such a project, but the payback period of investment can be weighed only with one's own market open-up ability.
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