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Prospect analysis

The ¡°Aoyuksin repair technology¡± which found Chinese special type repair industry scientifically and perfectly combine the equipment, material and craft, and synthetically makes use of many kinds of new and high technologies, this special type repair industry not only can repair the broken, split, scratch, wear and tear, process ultra difference of all kinds of machine components, but can repair the import and domestic made complicated accurate mould, so this special type repair industry has solved many difficult solving problems, such as the ordinary craft cannot repair the damaged import and domestic made high accuracy parts, it is very expensive to change a piece of new part, and the production efficiency will be influenced by the long receipt period etc..

This special type technology can repair all kinds of parts of different forms, such as the jar tube, piston, hydraulic pressure jar, guide pole, copper tile, bent axle, cylinder, roller, case body, cylinder body, gear wheel, key way and rotor bearing location etc., this special type repair technology can also repair all kinds of moulds, such as the pressing, plastics and rubber etc.; this special type repair technology not only can repair the single component materials, but can repair the compound materials and unidentified materials, this special type repair technology's greatest advantage is being able to repair the large-scale precision parts locally without disassembly. Its characteristic is normal atmospheric temperature, having no internal stress, having no thermal deformation, having no crackle, having no annealing and softening phenomenon, having no potential impact of rupture; its bonding strength is high and it doesn't have hard spot; its repair position is accurate and flexible, and the machining can be done after having been installed, or it can be directly installed to use; now, this special type repair technology is being widely used in all kinds of trades, such as the Aero-Space, machining, car making, mould, petroleum, chemical industry, plastics, rubber, building materials, printing and brewing etc. China has a long history of over 5000 years, now china has developed into a country having industrial enterprises in all the places where there is crowd to live, the business opportunity of special type repair industry is the operation of mechanical equipment. With the development of science and technology, change of national industrial structure is bringing limitless business opportunity for the special type repair industry-this new boom industry. UOE production line, surface treatment of the ¡°Way of the Thing¡±, launch of the carrier rocket, ¡°DOVE¡± chocolate, ¡°OREO¡± biscuit, ¡°Yanjing¡± beer, ¡°Benz¡± pump car, ¡°Heidelberg¡± printer and Shanghai ¡°Volkswagen¡±¡­¡­which trade does not need the special type repair? What kind of equipment can leave the special type repair? All the equipments of the manufacturing enterprises will be worn and torn during the operating process, the non-normal accident will happen too, how many machine components can be regenerated? How much effective fund is being in the loss? The huge market, enormous business opportunity and win-win project-the special type repair industry will accompany with you in the process of starting an undertaking to finish the capital accumulation, reflect your life value and win the society to respect you.
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