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What is Aoyuksin repair technology

After having worked hard for several years to research and practice, Beijing Aoyuksin Surface Engineering Technology Co., Ltd has scientifically and synthetically applied several kinds of patent equipments which have been invented by out company self together with the new material, new craft and new technology which have been developed by our company self, Aoyuksin company has helped countless industrial and mining enterprises to solve many difficult parts maintenance problems which are very difficult to solver or cannot be resolved by adopting other craft ,. The unique ¡°Aoyuksin repair technology¡± has came into being in the surface engineering maintenance area, it has been proved to be the domestic initiate by the work of checking and searching new concerned information of the Beijing Science and Technology Information Research Institute, this technology is a new kind of burgeoning compound repair technology in the surface engineering maintenance field.

Characteristic of ¡°Aoyuksin repair technology¡±: 1, the components will always be in the normal temperature state during the repair process, and the parts won't produce the internal stress, thermal distortion, crackle, annealing and softening phenomenon etc., and it also won't have the rupture potential impact. 2, its bonding strength is high and won't produce the falling off phenomenon and doesn't have hard spots. 3, mechanical performance of the welding repair position is high, and technical requirements of components of different performance can be fulfilled by choosing different repair materials, than is to say, materials of different performance can be repaired on the parts of the same kind of material by adopting this kind of technology, performance of the repaired parts is better than the new product on the aspects of rigidity, abrasion proof and corrosion proof. 4, its technology is advanced and have no special demands for the material of the repaired parts. All kinds of assured material and non-clear material, parts of compound material which have been chromium plating and titanizing can be repaired. 5, its repair position is accurate and flexible, and the repair amount can be precisely controlled, the repaired parts can do the machining work or can be directly installed to use without any machining.

Application range of the ¡°Aoyuksin repair technology¡±: the ¡°Aoyuksin repair technology¡± can be widely used to repair the rupture, scuffing, wearing and tearing, collape of the edges and corners, excess of hour angle increment during the machining process and rust of all kinds of machine elements, such as the cylinder, piston, hydraulic cylinder, guide bar, copper cover, crank shaft, tumbling box, roller, box body, cylinder body, gear wheel key way and rotor bearing position etc. It can be used to repair all kinds of import and domestic made complex precise mould; it can be also used to join, fix and airproof the same kind of or different kind of material, and it can be also used in the compressive leak stopping of pipelines and vessels. ¡°Aoyuksin repair technology¡± can be also used to change the performance of the parts surface to let each part have all kinds of outstanding performances, such as anti friction, abrasion proof, corrosion protection and high temperature enduring.
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