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Operational Principle


     One By making use of the resistance occurring heat principle, the casting flaw repair machine (ferrous metal) will form a kilo-ampere ( 3000A high current and low voltage 3V at the output end by inputting a 220V voltage which will flow through the transformation system, commutation system, filter system and R-L-C system, by making use of the great resistance value between the repairing material and basis material which exists in the dummy loop, the thermal value which is a little larger than the fusing point of the repairing material and basis material ( 1. 0 or 1.5) will be shown after having been calculated by the micro-computer dummy arithmetic system which is in the inner part of equipment, it can be transported to the intelligent P H system with the participation of outer part variable frequency and adjustment of repairing material thickness (scope) , one time of intelligent output of the thermal energy which is needed by the fusing point can be finished by finely adjusting the final output parameters to let the welding point's temperature reach 1800 2200 .

    The overall process, which includes the one time heating up process, melting process and cooling process of the welding repair point of the repairing material and basis material, can be called as the one time welding repair of equipment, times of welding repair can reach the 1.5-30 times adjustable of per second, that is to say, welding repair which finishes the casting disfigurement is a high frequency discontinuous heat supplying melting process, after thermal energy of each welding repair process has been exported intelligently by the equipment, 95 of the thermal energy will be used to be melt and act, the residual slight amount of thermal energy will vanish in the discontinuous time quantum whose dimension is ms grade, so the high temperature melting welding repair will be finished at the disfigurement welding repair position when this equipment is used to welding repair the casting disfigurement, both the place which is nearby to the welding repair point and all the casting are in the normal temperature state, so this equipment is a kind of high intelligent electronic equipment on the aspect of energy output; the inner part of this equipment has been equipped with multilayer safety protection device and its main machine has centralized several items of the twenty-first century world leading electronic technology as a whole, and it can be also called as the collective wisdom crystal of many talent experts.

     Two The cast aluminum casting flaw repair machine and cast copper casting flaw repair machine make use of the high frequency voltage to break up the gas between the repairing material and matrix to form the high energy ion area, accompanying with the high temperature electric spark whose temperature can be over 8000 , and this high temperature electric spark will simultaneously melt down the repairing material and basis material which are in the ion area to finish the metal remelting and welding repair process of the disfigurement position, this equipment will input the 220V voltage which will be sent to the microcomputer blurring operation system which is in the inner part of the equipment after the voltage has passed through the advanced frequency conversion 100 1200HZ and voltage conversion 3V-30V system, and the original constant value which has came into being in the W1 will be sent to the intelligent P H system with participation of exterior welding wire diameter and rotate speed adjustment of rotate head, the electric spark which is in the high energy ion area produced in the dummy loop by slightly adjusting the first grade output parameter of equipment, and an existing process of a ion area will be finished in the ms grade time quantum. It is the process that the high temperature electric spark melts down the repairing material and basis material for the time that the unit ion area exits will play an important role to the welding repair, that is to say, the melting repairing material and basis material which can exist a long time will gasify and cannot act the sedimentation role; for its existing time is very short and the repairing material and basis material cannot melt fully, so the welding repair effect is not good, so the equipment also has a most advanced high intelligent P-H-H-B system which do the best optimization and adjustment to the participation of all kinds of parameters and output the eligible energy. Our company's work of successfully developing this equipment is the wisdom crystal of the world high energy electronic component and advanced electronic technology, and it is the most substantial invention for the cast aluminum and cast copper enterprises.

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