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Welding repair characteristic

•  Its combination is very firm and compact and it is impossible for it to fall off. Each welding repair point is the re-solidification after the repairing material and basis material have melted, that is to say, the equipment will melt down the repairing material and basis material at the same time on the welding repair point, two kinds of molten liquid metal will solidify again after amalgamation, that is to say, the disfigurement repairing process is the second time metallurgy re-melting of repairing material and basis material.

•  Normal temperature welding repair, the matrix won't heat and the fine texture which is nearby to the welding repair point won't change and there is no stress concentration phenomenon etc. to occur. That is to say, the thermal energy which is necessary for each unit welding repair process is one time intelligent output, over 95 of the thermal energy has been used to be melt to act, and residual slight amount of thermal energy will lead and vanish at once, so the matrix and welding repair point nearby will always be in the normal temperature state in the whole welding repair process;

•  It won't occur the thermal deformation and crackle, and it has no rigidification and hard spot phenomenon, it also cannot affect the machining performance. For the manufacturing elements are always in the normal temperature state in the whole welding repair process of the weld flaw, so all the deficiencies which occur in the traditional welding repair craft have been avoided, and the difficult problem of being very difficult to welding repair the cast iron has been resolved thoroughly, and all kinds of machining work such as the lathing work, milling work, planning work and grinding work can be done after having finished the welding repair work.

•  It won't have any imprint after having finished the welding repair work. This is the most obvious characteristic of this equipment, for the repairing material can choose the same quality iron dust or normal carbon steel, the repair imprint cannot be recognized after the welding repair point has been machining, for the grey cast iron whose material is more loose, the operator can recognize the little difference of the density from the microcosmic aspect, but for the quality inspector who don't know the history of having been welding repaired, it is still the unquestionable qualified product, this effect cannot be realized by adopting the traditional methods such as the electric welding and argon-arc welding most of which are the nickel base welding rod .

•  It is very easy to operate, and it can be also directly held by hand and seen with eyes, its welding position is very accurate, its welding point is very small and its finishing amount after having finished welding work is little. For the welding repair work of the most smaller flaw and big areal dispersed shrinkage pinhole, its advantage is more obvious, for the welding repair work of the bigger flaw, its repair time is a little longer compared with the former, but its effects after having finished repair work are the same.

•  For the repair work of the casting which has passed through the heat treatment process (such as the machine tool guide face and crankshaft surface etc.), the welding repair point nearby won't occur the annealing softening, for the casting before passing through the heat treatment process, the heat treatment craft, such as the quenching craft, hardening and tempering craft and carburization craft etc., won't be affected after having finished the welding repair work.

•  The welding repair position is very broad and flexible. It can welding repair all the places as possible as eye can see and pen can touch, which cannot be realized by other welding repair technologies.

•  It can be also used to welding repair the non-machining surface, the effect of casting surface can be realized by adopting the grit blasting directly without doing any machining.

  • It is non toxic, smokeless, non luminous, dustless, noiseless and non-environmental pollution during the working process, and it is unnecessary to wear any protective appliances.

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