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Mould repair

In the using process of mould, its dimension will surpass the tolerance range with the mould model groove wearing and tearing step by step, or the serious thermal mechanical fatigue crackle will occur in local places, or the abrasion is not asymmetrical. So the surface quality of the forged piece will be affected by this, and it is very difficult to be mould stripping. It is very difficult to grasp the welding quality of the traditional mould repair method for this method just can take the temporary solution and cannot take a permanent cure, this method cannot repair absolutely or just select the electric welding which will rise the temperature to cause a severe sequent of rejecting the whole set of mould. Adopting the Aoyuksin cold welding compound repair craft can not only absolutely repair the mould damage to protect the mould's accuracy from being affected, but the local performance of the repaired mould can surpass the new product by our company's choice of selecting the special type alloy material.

Pull damage repair of the drawing mould of the car head lamp holder

Scuffing damage repair of the drawing mould of the car mould


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